In a world of saturated social media feeds, how can your business cut through the noise without breaking the bank? Endless advertising opportunities exist, but which ones can guarantee that your business will be showcased to the right audiences? Typically, getting quality brand exposure is expensive. While the usual marketing channels are important, most of them require costly subscriptions and copious amounts of work.

Luckily, your business’ fleet of vehicles is the perfect canvas for low cost, high impact advertising. By advertising your business with custom car and truck wraps, you get premium exposure to target clients without running up your advertising budget.

Here are 5 reasons why Prima Graphics clients love advertising with fleet wraps:

  1. Vehicle wraps enable localized advertising
    Custom vehicle wraps make geotargeting easy when you advertise your company. Your company vehicles serve as moving billboards, going everywhere that your company representatives do. By making your brand an ever-present fixture in your clients’ communities, you build trust and brand awareness in the locations that matter most.
  2. Vehicle wraps are cost-effective
    Billboards, social media campaigns, and TV advertisements all require you to make ongoing payments for as long as you use them. This can make these channels impractical for many small businesses. Vehicle wraps, on the other hand, can be changed them as often as you like for a fraction of the cost. The relatively small investment in your branded car wrap can have significant returns over a long period of time.
  3. Vehicle wraps provide non-intrusive advertising
    We’ve all had times of annoyance with ads popping up on YouTube videos or aggressive advertisers yelling on the radio. You want to build positive relationships with your target audience, not make them resent your brand. Custom business wraps are a great way to attract people’s attention without them feeling disturbed. Work with our graphic designers to craft eye-catching vehicle graphics that grab people’s attention and drive traffic to your website.
  4. Vehicle wraps are timely
    When you’re under a time crunch for a new campaign, you can use car advertising as a way to get the word out. In most cases, Prima Graphics’ team of professionals can finish your design and installation in a matter of days so you can get your brand out on the road in no time. This reduces the amount of time your vehicles need to be out of commission compared to custom paint jobs which can take weeks.
  5. Vehicle wraps are highly durable
    Prima Graphics uses tough 3M and Avery vinyl wraps which help to protect your vehicle’s body from scratches and small dents. With large format custom wraps providing full coverage of the car body, your company vehicles will be in better condition to preserve resale value down the road. When it’s finally time to sell your vehicle or replace your wrap, it can be easily removed without causing any damage to your vehicle’s paint.

By using vehicle wraps to leverage the advertising space you already own, you can showcase your brand wherever you go. Businesses across the Lower Mainland, from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley, have partnered with Prima Graphics for fleet branding with stunning wraps and graphics.

* * *

Prima Graphics is a Vancouver, BC based company with 16 years of experience in custom vehicle fleet wraps. We help brands to maximize the impact of vehicle advertising, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Along with our eye-catching custom designs and attention to detail, we also pride ourselves in our knowledge of branding and marketing.

To uphold our promise of high quality, Prima Graphics uses industry-leading 3M and Avery vinyl wraps, guaranteed to last at least 9 years. Always putting our customers first, we offer budget flexibility through partial wraps, full wraps and vehicle decals.

Want to learn how your business can advertise with fleet wraps? Contact us today to get a free quote!


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