The Ultimate in Protection

Paint protection film (PPF) is about more than improved resale value for your vehicle. It’s about enjoying the immaculate look and feel of your vehicle throughout the time you own it. Add to that the benefit of incremental surface treatment, such as ceramic coating, and maintenance gets a whole lot easier.


Coverage Options

Supreme Kit

Supreme Coverage PPF Kit

Complete Coverage of Painted Surfaces

Front-End Kit

Full Coverage PPF Kit

Front Bumper, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Headlights & Mirrors

Regular Kit

Regular Coverage PPF Kit

Front Bumper, Partial Hood, Partial Fenders, Headlights & Mirrors

Basic Kit

Basic Coverage PPF Kit

Bumper Deck, Rocker Panels, Door Handles, Roofline & More

Top-of-the-Line Wrap Film

We install 3M™ Paint Protection Film, the leading clear polyurethane film designed to help protect automotive paint, gel cost, headlights, and more. We protect against stone chips, scratches, bugs, road tar, automotive fluid stains, and outdoor weathering. 

Available in gloss, matte, or stain finishes, a custom look is easily achieved and the same film can protect interior surfaces such as door sills and door panels against kicks and scuffs. 

Expert Application

Working in a controlled environment, qualified installers ensure the work starts with a pristine, clean surface and panels are sized correctly. The application is completed without unnecessary cuts and joints for a near invisible result. For easier maintenance, the entire vehicle, including the film, can be further protected with an assortment of car detailing options. 

Protection Services


With a careful eye, the use of satin and matte finishes and even some colour panels or stripes can all add up to a creative approach to protection. Work with our designers to find the ultimate combination for protection with a touch of design that works for you.

Panel Enhancement

A spot of colour or a panel or two dressed with the look of carbon fibre can go a long way. With your marketing and sales team, we offer a design service to help identify which panels and finishes might be appropriate and how best to introduce them to the customer.

Transport & Courtesy Car

Working in a controlled environment has distinct advantages. We can ensure the very best fit, work with multiple technicians, and get the job done faster. For convenience, we offer partner customers an optional vehicle transport service or courtesy car to help with logistics.

Interior Door & Sill Protection

Just a small amount of film can make those occasional scuffs and kick marks a thing of the past. Not only perfect for showroom and demonstration models but also the customer who just knows, ‘That makes sense’!


Our paint protection films come with a variety of warranties, depending on the materials used and price. The warranties range from 5 – 10 years, allowing you to be confident in the protection of your vehicle’s painted surface.



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Supreme Coverage PPF Kit