The popularity of vehicle wraps has risen to new heights as businesses fight for market visibility and ditch the work of a traditional paint job. Custom vehicle wraps are an improved form of advertising that can be thought of as digitally printed “vinyl stickers.” These vinyl stickers display the individually tailored brand messaging of a company, and are applied to the exterior of a car, mimicking a custom paint job. The company’s custom wrap, once applied, goes on to attract the attention of fellow drivers, pedestrians and all others the vehicle passes en route– all new potential customers.

Vehicle wraps provide flexibility for businesses and offer the option of a full color wrap, or a partial vehicle wrap catered to the customers preference. The innovation and individuality brought by the graphics industry has complemented the rise in vehicle wrap popularity and drove the industry towards the direction of positive growth.

With so much customization and flexibility in vehicle graphics, there is no “one size fits all” approach and many factors contribute to the cost of a partial wrap, full vehicle wrap, or fleet wrap. At Prima Graphics, we seek to facilitate our clients’ needs by offering flexibility for customers on a tighter budget. And with every purchase, no matter what cost, we work to make all of our car wraps result in the company’s desired effect. With that being said, there are three main factors that contribute to the cost of a wrap installation: shape and size of a vehicle, the level of intricacy involved in the installation, and the complexity of the graphics.

Car wraps are priced on a “dollar per square foot” basis, also taking into consideration the complexity of the vehicle graphics and the design service. The type of vehicle that is being wrapped also contributes to the costs, considering factors such as the year, make and model of the car. Any curves that make up the shape of the car and the vehicle size can be reflected in the price. For example, a graphic on a full size SUV may cost more than on a 2 door sedan due to size, but a full wrap cost on a sports car will be more than for a large commercial van. This has to do with the amount of surface coverage to be wrapped. On a commercial truck, for example, the bumpers and rooftop would not be wrapped due to their lack of visibility. And alternatively, a full color wrap on a sports car would need coverage of every angle.

The shape and model of the car also plays a role in the removal of the hardware to complete the wrap installation. For example a commercial truck wrap would usually not involve wrapping door handles, mirrors or bumpers, whereas it could be needed for a full color wrap on a sports car. This is where the labour heavy work to remove the hardware would be factored into the price.

In addition to the size and shape, the condition of the car when it is brought in for a wrap installation also holds its weight. If the vehicle contains any prior graphics these would need to be removed and may cause the car paint underneath to lift upon the removal process. This would be unpredictable and would depend on the previous car wrap application and the duration of time since. Additional services would then be required to fix the damage before a fresh wrap could be applied.

In addition to the type of car that would be brought in for vehicle graphics, the vehicle wrap design itself also adds to the cost. The design price would depend on whether the customer is requesting a single color wrap with cut vinyl accents or a custom printed wrap. The more intricate the customized design the more creativity edges the price. As mentioned earlier, a full vehicle wrap will cost more than a partial graphic design. In the production process, the vehicle wrap material also has its own price tag and so does the high quality behind a long lasting wrap.

To help make the value of this industry available to you, Prima Graphics assures high quality, cost-effective vehicle wraps to help our clients showcase their brands. With now more than 16 years of experience in this industry, we can confidently and skillfully offer our clients the best wrap service adjusted to their needs.


Prima Graphics is a Vancouver, BC based company with 16 years of experience in custom fleet wraps. We help brands to maximize the impact of vehicle advertising, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Along with our eye-catching custom vehicle wrap designs and attention to detail, we also pride ourselves in our knowledge of branding and marketing.

To uphold our promise of high quality, Prima Graphics uses industry-leading 3M and Avery vinyl wraps, guaranteed to last at least 9 years. Always putting our customers first, we offer budget flexibility through partial wraps, full coverage wraps and vehicle decals.

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