Thanks to advances in printing technology, vehicle wraps have soared in popularity in recent years, matching and even surpassing the quality of custom paint jobs. These digitally-printed vinyl stickers have been applied to everything from race cars to airplanes, catching the attention of audiences and bystanders alike. The versatility of modern vehicle wraps – which come in every shape, size, and colour – has enabled an unprecedented level of detail. This has caught the attention of not only high profile brands, but also cutting-edge artists. In many cases, brands have collaborated with artists and graphic designers to dress up their fleets.

In December 2017, FESPA announced their list of the year’s top 20 outstanding vehicle wrap designs, which included both artistic pieces and brand collaborations. FESPA is a global federation made up of 37 national associations representing the screen printing, digital printing, and textile printing industries.

Courtesy of Jeroen Vermeulen

Featured among many well-known designers like Ecosse Signs, PressON and Bazoom Studio is Tsawwassen, BC based artist Jeroen Vermeulen, who collaborated with Prima Graphics to display one of his own abstract paintings. Vermeulen has been painting for more than 45 years and is active in the Vancouver community. Working together with Vermeulen, Prima showcased his masterpiece in an eye-catching display. Vermeulen’s S450 Mercedes now displays his “Jackson Pollock-like” work.

Here is a look at the other 19 designs that made FESPA’s 2017 list:

#1 – The Bloodhound SSC team decided to add a little design to their creation which aimed to break the land speed record.
Designed by PressON

Courtesy of Stefan Marjoram

#2 – These car wraps were designed to be featured in a music video by Kaizer Chiefs to promote their new single “Hole in my Soul.”
Designed by Ecosse Signs

Courtesy of 3M

#3 – Stark County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio US, wrapped their cruiser in pink to help raise awareness for breast cancer.
Designed by Brand Installers

Courtesy of / Scott Heckell

#4 – Emirates decorated one of its A380 planes using a giant vinyl sticker displaying the players from the club. It was revealed that the sticker covers an area greater than 500 square meters.
Designed by Real Madrid/Emirates

Courtesy of Real Madrid

#5 – A wedding day was made complete when the Mercedes-AMG team gifted this custom-wrapped C63 DTM, to the newly weds, Steffi and professional race car driver, Maro Engel.
Designed by Mercedes-AMG

Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

#6 – This bright submarine entitled “Boaty McBoatface” and its graphic caught the attention of the media before it descended into the Southern Ocean.
Designed by Signs Express Southampton

Courtesy of Signs Express Southampton

#7 – Burnie Burns, best known for founding the US television production company Rooster Teeth, transformed his Tesla P90D with a specially designed wrap in partnership with Graphics Guys.
Designed by Burnie Burns/Graphics Guys

Courtesy of Burnie Burns

#8 – To support the Poppy Appeal, Dorset Police in England decorated one of its cars with an intricate car wrap design.
Designed by Dorset Police

Courtesy of Dorset Police

#9 – This eye-catching car was wrapped for the Brad Jones Racing Holden team from the Australian Supercars Series showing support for worldwide equality.
Designed by Brad Jones Racing Holden

Courtesy of Supercars

#10 – This car wrap design was inspired by the hit Disney film ‘Haunted Mansion” and was wrapped to display the love Miss Mortis has for Disney’s magic.
Designed by Miss Mortis/Vinyl Ink

Courtesy of Vinyl Ink

#11 – In April 2017, the new Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder was taken out for its first public test run dressed in a white and black car wrap and widely enticed excited fans.
Unknown Designer

Courtesy of GT Spirit

#12 – This unique car wrap, designed through an art sponsorship between Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, collected funds donated to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.
Designed by Maurizio Cattelan / Pierpaolo Ferrari

Courtesy of BMW

#13 – Designed with the purpose of enticing mystery and excitement, this new Jaguar was in disguise as it hit the road for the first time.
Unknown Designer

Courtesy of Patrick Gosling / Beadyeye

#14 – This fire truck was wrapped in a colorful design to celebrate the famous edition of the Brighton Pride LGBTQ event.
Designed by West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service / MotoFX

Courtesy of Solent

#15 – As a gift for a 15-year-old, this Ferrari F12berlinetta supercar was wrapped in the logos of Louis Vuitton and Supreme as a birthday present for Saif Ahmed Belhasa’s son.
Designed by FoilX

Courtesy of FoilX

#16 – Steven Brown, a Scottish artist partnered with a local Volkswagen dealership to create this striking car wrap for a competition. The design attracted the eyes of many, after which Volkswagen decided to launch its own car inspired by Brown’s design.
Designed by Steven Brown

Courtesy of Daily Record

#17 – Designed to mimic the famous ‘Tonka’ truck toys, this design gave opportunity for adults to dive back into their childhood.
Designed by Toyota Australia

Courtesy of Toyota

#18 – This historical-themed car wrap was designed and wrapped for Malaysia’s National Day to bring back the iconic memories of the nation’s past. It includes all the flags from the 14 states of the country.
Designed by M. Krishnan

Courtesy of The Star

#19 – Patrick Charrier of Bazoom Studio, France was the winner of the 2017 FESPA World Wrap Masters Design Competition.
Designed by Patrick Charrier, Bazoom Studio.

Courtesy of FESPA


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