With more than 100 mobile eateries occupying the Vancouver streets – offering everything from ice cream to tacos – it’s safe to say that meals-on-wheels are generating a lot of buzz. With Downtown Vancouver being home to such a wide selection of food trucks, branding is a key differentiator for mobile restaurateurs. That’s why it’s important to choose a wrap company that can work with you to showcase your brand identity on your vehicle graphics.

How do you wrap a food truck?

Prima’s full service food truck wrap process begins with a personal design consultation. Our graphic designers work with you and your team to come up with a food truck design that will catch foodies’ attention. Next, our wrap experts map out the vinyl wrap panels based on the shape and square footage of your vehicle and identify any potential problem areas.

After in-house precision equipment prints and cuts the vinyl wraps, our professionals prep your vehicle and meticulously apply each wrap panel. Finally, we bond the wrap with a heat gun, touch up the final details, and wash your vehicle so it will be sparkling when it hits the road.

What gives food truck wraps the advantage over custom paint jobs?

In previous posts, we’ve talked about why wraps are better than custom paint jobs and why it’s important to use high quality vinyl. These statements are especially true for food truck businesses. Nothing turns off hungry passersby more than a grimy truck with fading and peeling vinyl. In rainy Vancouver, food truck wraps protect your vehicle graphics and reduce the amount of maintenance work needed.

Compared to paint jobs, vinyl wraps are significantly easier to clean, more resistant to chipping, and less prone to damage from salt, dirt, and grime. At Prima, we exclusively use high quality 3M and Avery Dennison vehicle wraps, which are superior in durability and vibrance and come with a nine-year warranty.

What do food truck wraps cost?

As you probably expected, the cost of wrapping your food truck depends on a few factors, including the wrap design and material, your vehicle’s square footage, and whether you’re doing a full wrap or partial wrap. Many food truck businesses save money by choosing not to wrap the roof of their vehicles.

While the upfront cost of a proper full wrap is generally similar to a custom paint job, it’s important to consider the ongoing costs. With a good quality wrap, you can get your vehicle on the road faster, reduce the amount of maintenance needed, and save a lot of money on exterior repairs in the unfortunate case of an accident. Add to that the benefit of advertising your website and social media with precision graphics, and the case for food truck wraps is quite convincing.

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Prima Graphics is a Vancouver, BC based company with 16 years of experience in custom car wraps. We help brands to maximize the impact of vehicle advertising on potential customers. Along with our eye-catching custom graphic designs and attention to detail, we also take pride in our knowledge of branding and marketing.

To uphold our promise of high quality, Prima Graphics uses industry-leading 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl wraps, guaranteed to last at least 9 years. Always putting our customers first, we offer budget flexibility through partial wraps, full wraps and vehicle decals.

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