When you’re showcasing your brand out on the road, the details make a difference. Vinyl vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to advertise, but they need to be done right to be effective. At Prima Graphics, we can help you customize your large or small business wrap with numerous different finishes and textures to give your brand that competitive edge. In this post, we’ll introduce you to a couple of innovative ways to take your fleet wraps to the next level.

    1. Custom Finishes for Full Print Wraps
      When you get a full print wrap designed and installed at Prima, you can choose from three high quality finishes: gloss, satin, or matte. High gloss wraps give you maximum shine, while matte wraps have become a popular alternative in recent years; satin wraps offer a happy medium between the two. These custom finishes can be applied on top of any vehicle wraps and graphics. 
    2. Full Print Wrap with Textured Details
      Want to make your custom car wrap even more unique? Work with our design team to highlight details, or even full panels, on your vehicles with specialized wrap films. Some of the specialty wrap designs we have done for Greater Vancouver business owners include carbon fibre wrap panels and reflective pinstripes and logos on a full print matte wrap. 
    3. Full Textured Wrap with Cut Vinyl Logos
      Want your logo emblazoned on a specialized vinyl vehicle wrap texture? Our wrap experts can cut vinyl films to make high quality decals and apply them on top of the custom wrap. One of our clients had us apply white cut vinyl on a matte black full wrap for a sharp looking upgrade on their company truck.

With one of these innovative techniques, you can create a wrap that catches the attention of your potential clients and gives your brand an added flair. Our dedicated wrap experts will work with you to determine which style best fits your brand identity, vehicles, and budget so you can be confident that your fleet wraps will stand out.
If your company is looking to stand out in Vancouver, car wraps are the way to go. With our highly customizable wrapping services and superior quality vinyl films, wrapping your fleet with Prima Graphics will set your brand up for success.

* * *

Prima Graphics is a Vancouver, BC based company with 16 years of experience in custom vehicle fleet wraps. We help brands to maximize the impact of vehicle advertising, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Along with our eye-catching custom graphic designs and attention to detail, we also pride ourselves in our knowledge of branding and marketing.

To uphold our promise of high quality, Prima Graphics uses industry-leading 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl wraps, guaranteed to last at least 9 years. Always putting our customers first, we offer budget flexibility through partial wraps, full wraps and vehicle decals.

Want to learn how your business can advertise with fleet wraps? Contact us today to get a free quote!


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