Vehicle Wrap Vancouver

Many studies lately have shown that vehicle wraps are an excellent method of advertising for companies in all different categories. There is great cost-per-impression, where a single branded vehicle can bring in tens of thousands of views per day. If you want to take your car, van, or truck and turn it into what is essentially a rolling billboard on wheels, you will want to take a look at putting on a vehicle wrap in Vancouver.

Enjoy The Benefits 

When you put a vehicle wrap on for your business, you have significant advantages over traditional methods of advertising, including: 

Wide Reach –The impressions that you get will vary greatly on the route that your vehicle takes as well as how many cars you have in your fleet. However, regardless of what the variables might be, you are going to be extending your reach to a platform that no other type of media is able to hit.

Visual Appeal –All you have to do is take some before and after pictures of the vehicles for your business, and the results speak for themselves. You can make a strategic decision on the signage for each vehicle so that you can naturally draw potential customers in. 

Cost Effective –When looking at the statistics on vehicle graphics and professionally-applied wraps, you will see that the numbers are quite compelling. The cost-per-impression on a wrap over its lifetime will average out to pennies on the dollar. Compare that to television or radio advertising that can be $10 and up for each impression, and you really have no comparison whatsoever.

Longevity –On average, a vehicle wrap in Vancouver is going to last for around five years or longer, which is great for a vehicle. During that time, you are going to have countless impressions while being able to more than pay for the initial investment that you made.

Know Your Options

When you are shopping for a vehicle wrap, you have a wide range of options to choose from. You can go with just decals if you are on a budget, which consists of logos, small graphics, and your contact information. There is also a partial wrap, which can easily be applied to a portion of the exterior painted surface of the vehicle. Finally, you can go with a full coverage wrap, which is a beautiful way for reinforcing the branding impact for your company. Think of it as a mobile billboard that will leave a lasting impression for all who view it.

If you want to really take your advertising dollars to a new level, you can go the extra mile with a vehicle wrap in Vancouver by Prima Graphics. We are the fleet and vehicle graphic experts in Vancouver, and we have worked with countless customers to put their signage in the forefront on the roads. We would love to talk with you about your vehicle wrap options and how you can turn your everyday work vehicles into a moving advertisement for your business. This is cost-effective advertising that will not only maximize your exposure but also offer a great deal of vehicle protection for an added bonus.

Vehicle Wrap Vancouver
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