Car Wrap Advertising Vancouver

If you have not looked into car wrap advertising in Vancouver and you own a business, you could be missing out on a significant opportunity. Anyone can tell you that the best way to advertise is to start by making a great first impression. A vehicle wrap for advertising is not only cost-effective but also a memorable way to spread the message of your business while building up your brand. These wraps are an excellent way to outfit any sort of delivery, sales or service vehicle that you happen to have in your fleet.

Grab Attention

You have the ability to hand-pick attractive and colorful vehicle wraps that will help your fleet stand out from the other vehicles on the road. A passing driver may not pay that much attention to plain cars, trucks or vans on the streets, but they will quickly notice a vehicle wrap that has been well-designed. These are engaging decals that will draw the eye and leave a great impression. 

Wide Audience Reach

There are many variables when it comes to car wrap advertising in Vancouver. The amount of exposure that you get will depend on how often your vehicles are on the road, how many cars are in your fleet, and how far they are traveling. However, you are able to reach thousands and potentially tens of thousands of viewers on a monthly basis. In a nutshell, this form of advertising is more effective than most all other outlets today, and many businesses will gain more customers this way than they will with their websites. 

Go Mobile

Instead of waiting for potential customers to view a television ad or to hear a commercial on the radio, your vehicles are out there all the time. This is true mobile advertising at its finest, and you have the unique opportunity to reach customers in an effortless, non-intrusive manner. The possibilities for leads are endless when you have such incredible mobile exposure.


Radio and print ads will usually interrupt someone’s reading and how many times have you flipped the channel whenever a commercial comes on television. With car wrap advertising, potential customers will spot messages without any sort of significant distraction from what they are already doing. This is a non-aggressive form of advertising that many people enjoy seeing.


When you look at the pricing on billboard ads and any sort of television, radio, and print advertising, you will see that the recurring costs can be exponential. With a wrap, you have the ability to change it as little or as often as you want to for a fraction of the cost. The initial investment will pay for itself over time, and the chance for viewers is leaps and bounds over all other forms of advertising.

When you want to know more about car wrap advertising in Vancouver and how you can integrate it into your business, just contact us at Prima Graphics. We have been working with customers in the area to help them come up with incredible branding campaigns and advertising using simple decals, partial wraps, and full-coverage vehicle wraps.

Car Wrap Advertising Vancouver
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